Norðanbál is an art group that has performed multi-art shows since the year 2000. Winter festivals in Reykjavík, Lightnights in Reykjanesbær and various performances for the powercompany of Reykjavík, OR. Norðanbál has also designed some flowers for street lights that have decorated Reykjavik.


  1. 2000 - Lightshow on the frontal of University of Iceland, with dance and music (Reykjavík Cultural city of Europe).
  2. 2001 - Lightshow on Kópavogur church(Kópavogskirkja), with The Theater of Kópavogur.
  3. 2005 - Winter festival of Reykjavík. Lightshow on Hallgrímskirkja (Dom of Hallgrímur in Reykjavík). Cooperator, Hörður Áskelsson, organplayer at the church.
  4. 2006 - Winter festival of Reykjavík at Austurvöllur. Multi-art show in cooperation with many artists.
  5. 2006 - Lightshow at an opening ceremony at Hellisheiðarvirkjun.
  6. 2006 – The awakening of Ægir, the ancient viking god of the ocean. Final act for Lightnights in Reykjanesbær.
  7. 2007 – Norðanbál wins the competition of a sculpture for Hellisheiðarvirkjun.
  8. 2007 - Norðanbál designs and builds a cave for a troll in Reykjanesbær.
  9. 2008 – Winter festival of Reykjavík. multi-art parade in Reykjavík.

Since the year 2009, Norðanbál has organised a workshop for artists in The Old School in Hrísey island.


Members of Norðanbál:

Frosti Friðriksson - Artist, Stage designer
Þorleifur Eggertsson - Architect

Jósep Gíslason -Musician
Skúli Rúnar Hilmarsson - Light designer
Örn Alexandersson - Manager