Akureyri invites free stay in Old School residency in Hrísey Iceland
Akureyri is a town in northern Iceland and is holding it´s 150 year anniversary. http://www.visitakureyri.is/en/home
Because of the anniversary the town will invite (grant) five artists a free stay in Old School in Hrísey – Iceland in October
and November 2012. The applicants need to fulfill the condition of the Akureyri anniversary grant. Selection will be announced
in the first week of August.
Condition of Akureyri anniversary grant:
Undersigned agrees to have open exhibition in the last week of residency, or create and give an artwork that will be dedicated to
Akureyri 150 year anniversary. The artist can choose any kind of media for the artwork. The artwork or the exhibition can be done
in collaboration with orwithout the artists staying in Old school.
Open call until July 31 2012.
Applications should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Applcation and further information about Old school in Hrísey can be found on this website: http://www.nordanbal.is/hrisey